Bottle Tree Downs, Rolleston QLD 4702



    Rosevale Buster F500 (P)

    Early maturing polled bull from a very fertile cow

    Pedigree Details

    Rosevale Hockenheim H196 (P)

    A quiet, sleek, dark coated bull with good scrotal size EBV.

    Pedigree Details

    Greenup Juggernaut J274 (PS)

    Large framed bull.  Soft cattle with a good balance of figures across all traits.

    Pedigree Details

    Greenup Lockyer L120 (P) (P)

    By Dangarfield Tycoon.  Producing lots of good quality cattle for Greenup/Eidsvold Studs.

    Broad Leaf Kingdom J23 (PS) AI 

    This bull is the result of an AI program from a highly fertile line, Rosevale Empire.  Tropical type bull with consistently high morphology results.

    Broad Leaf Fitzroy F41

    Broad Leaf Fergus F 40

    Rosevale Kingswood K296 (PS)

    Strong pedigree of performance on both sire and dam lines.

    Pedigree Details

    Yarrawonga L896

    Selected towards the end of the bull selling season.  Good female calving records

    Pedigree Details


    Past Sires

    Gyranda Bermuda U306

    Gyranda C140 (P)

    Gyranda B254

    Waco Perry Y576

    Rowanlea Dinkum D56

    Glencol 1312

    Bulls from Cree, Cooinda, Gyranda, and Rosevale have been used in our AI program


    Annual Bull Sale


    Monday 14 September 2020
    Bottle Tree Downs, Rolleston


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    Sires selected for use in the Broad Leaf herd need to meet our aims of producing quiet, easy doing, fertile and functional cattle in our environment.



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